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Increasing the human element of a transaction means you can adjust your delivery according to body language or mood and give an immediate response to customer feedback. This gives you the flexibility to answer more questions, deliver more than one clear message, remove concerns and generate quality sales that stick.  This is what we like to refer to as: Interactive Human Commercials™ (IHC™). 

Consequently customers feel more valued as individuals and are not only more confident in their choice but better educated as to your product or service thus strengthening customer relationships both old and new.

Imagine a commercial on TV, or an ad in a paper, magazine or on a billboard.  Do you ever want to know more and ask a question out loud to yourself, hoping in some way that an answer will come back at you?  EVERYONE has at one point or another.

With our IHC's™ we can answer any question right on the spot by allowing a customer to have 1-on-1 interaction with someone who is qualified to answer any question.  This results in faster, more qualified and solid sales.  It will also allow for better customer interaction and service for your clients.
April 2010
Launch 4 promotional campaigns simulaneously!

May 2010
Already over the 10,000 new customer mark

May 2010
Move into our new location at Yonge & Sheppard

November 2010
Launch of Ontario's 1st True Diner's Club

January 2011
Re-launch of our retail site: