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April 2010
Launch 4 promotional campaigns simulaneously!

May 2010
Already over the 10,000 new customer mark

May 2010
Move into our new location at Yonge & Sheppard

November 2010
Launch of Ontario's 1st True Diner's Club

January 2011
Re-launch of our retail site:
Our cards offer Great Specials. You sell the cards to family and friends for and after only one use, your supporters have already earned back the cost of the card. This is a huge selling point!

These cards are perfect for school fundraisers, team fundraisers, church fundraisers or just about any group that needs to raise a lot of money with very little effort and time involved. EARN 70-100% PROFIT.

Let us know your needs and we will put together a great fundraising package for you.

What We Do:
We will strike a deal with your local merchants.
We will provide you with the highest quality cards with the best options.
We will print the cards and ship them to you at no additional cost.
We will teach you how to organize your fundraiser
There are no hidden or extra charges!!!
Make 100% profit!! Get 300 free cards for every 1000 ordered!

On the front of your fundraising card will be your organization's name, logo, and expiration date. The back will contain ten (10) to fifteen (15) local merchants, each giving a buy one get one free offer or some other discount. We arrange the best discounts for you and your fundraiser. The cards are valid for one (1) year of continuous use by the bearer