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BlueTurtle Consulting specializes in helping small to medium size companies compete and win against larger businesses. We understand that today, a business must use a variety of marketing methods in order to be successful. Even the largest of companies must reach beyond the traditional approaches like television, print or radio from time to time and implement newer techniques that will help them stand out, especially if they offer the same service as the competition.

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Find Out Why WE ARE The Right Marketing Company For Your Business! 

e know that we're the right marketing company for your business. But why not come see for yourself. If you need more information on how we can market your business ad help you to succeed, feel free to browse our site or contact us online. Thanks for visting!
  • Gain more market exposure
  • Target your market more effectively
  • Increase your sales and profit
  • Stand out from your competition
Similarly, we know that even the smallest companies can use some of the traditional channels, and yet still need to gain access to the consumer on a personal level and lasting level.  Our confidence comes from the belief that our brand of marketing addresses many of the issues/objectives comapnies focus on:
  • Reaching Target Audience's
  • Return On Marketing Expenditures
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Consumer Loyalty
Our importance to businesses is that we help them compete in a practical yet cost-effective way.  For many businesses (whatever thier size), the drawbacks of conventional marketing restricts bottom line success;  therefore our niche is to take away as many of these complications as possible.
April 2010
Launch 4 promotional campaigns simulaneously!

May 2010
Already over the 10,000 new customer mark

May 2010
Move into our new location at Yonge & Sheppard

November 2010
Launch of Ontario's 1st True Diner's Club

January 2011
Re-launch of our retail site: